Secret Stitcher Project

I love the Sampler World facebook page! Started a little over a year ago and now up to nearly 700 members, this page allows members who love samplers to show off their work and enable each other.

Another fun part of belonging to this group is the opportunity to participate in a Secret Stitcher exchange. It works like this. You agree to participate by stiching a small item for another participant that has been assigned to you. Each participant indicates styles of stiching and colors they like so you have some guidance in deciding on what you are going to make.

My secret sticher indicated that she likes blue and burgundy. I also love blue. And I love quaker motifs, monograms and boxes covered with fabric and embroidery. Actually, I am sort of obsessed with covering boxes with embroidery. This is the finished project.


Secret Sticher project

Here is a look at the inside of the box including the needle minder I made.Box inside with needle minder

Project Details

I downloaded the motif free from Needleprint and stitched it on Cashel linen, 28 count with DMC thread, one over one. The box was covered with fabric I had on hand. Both the box and the paper I used to line the inside, came from Paper Source . I made the needleminder from a loose unset cameo from Esty by gluing a magnet to the back. To finish, I covered the rough edges with ribbon and lace.

What a fun project! Yesterday, I found a round cardboard box I saved many years ago that would be perfect for my next covered box.


Spring Flowers

Do you love flowers? I do!

I always know spring is around the corner when my hellebores start to bloom. The hellebore in my front garden has been in bloom for about two weeks now. It is the ‘Lenten Rose’ and I am always amazed that it blooms right on schedule – during Lent.

The hellebores in my back garden are behind this one. That’s ok. I can wait.

Daffodils signal spring as well.  Last fall, my good friend Janet, gave me some daffodil bulbs from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I never planted them in the fall. My bad. But two days ago I thought ‘why not force them?’ So, I potted several in dirt and 5 in water. I think, (think) I see some growth. Fingers crossed.

What is beginning to bloom in your garden?